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About Us

GROW your prospects with emails

Acorns = 

your current client base

OakTrees =

our 180 million double-opt-in subscribers SEEKING products and services


We grow small businesses with branded emails targeting ONLY your best possible prospects

YOU are the boss

YOU identify your best prospects with our simple form to tell us what kind of business you're in, where you're located and the kinds of clients you are seeking.

Selects are UNLIMITED so you can pinpoint the geographic reach, demographics, and lifestyle preferences of your best prospects

WE pull your best propsects to create your custom email list, design your email, test it, send it out and track the click-throughs


No hidden costs, and rates begin at under $2,000 for AT LEAST 2,500 click-throughs to your website or landing page.

Our subscribers are NEVER over-used (refreshed monthly) and lists consist ONLY of double opt-in email addresses. 

All emails are sent out through white-listed servers. And we include free email optimization and subject line A:B testing so you don't have to worry about it!

Client Email Samples

Products and Services


Construction, landscaping, building services, etc. can reach HOMEOWNERS in your region, with specified Household incomes and other selects

Personal/Professional Services

Promote your business services locally or nationally with UNLIMITED lifestyle selects to reach just the people most likely to buy from you


Target LOCAL residents and businesses with special offers to boost slow times and increase your income. Can select for distance from location, "foodies," etc.

Auto Sales, Service, Insurance

Announce sales, service specials, quote offers WITHOUT expensive direct mail waste. Target "car enthusiasts," specify children's ages, household income, etc.

Recreational/Leisure Activities

Promote attractions, events, activities, lodging, etc. by pinpointing consumers whose travel/lifestyle preferences ALIGN with your product or service

Customized for any business!

We will build a CUSTOM email prospecting list  and create your email with a personalized look to fit your business brand and style

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  • Turnkey email marketing starts with selecting your target for list counts.
  • Rate and procedure details outlined on the Fact Sheet
  • Or...just contact us by email or phone call - we'd love to help you!

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